Steer Through Challenges With Smart City Opportunties

By May 16, 2018Others

“The problems of urban life are real, complex & difficult to resolve, yet the opportunities created by successful resolutions are multifaceted, far-reaching, and potentially game-changing. And with each passing year of the 21st century, they become unavoidable.”

What is your idea of a smart city? Is it a constant place filled with activities or is it a playground with tempting & expensive opportunities for consumption & exploration? While the world senses, future exists now, many crucial aspects depend on economic status, geographical location, and personal experience. Living in a city poses new challenges every day which keeps the dwellers on their toes.

[Excerpt] “The world population in 2014 was more than seven billion, 54 percent of which was urban, up from 34 percent in the year 1960. Over the next fifteen years, that percentage could increase by 1.84 to 1.44 percent every year.”  

The primary goal of new cities is to combat the threat of overpopulation and resource scarcity. With unprecedented population growth and vast amount of data consumption, it calls for digital capabilities, especially in emerging countries. Owing gratefully to the technological innovations, a new urban dynamism is in progress where living standards have improved through efficient recycling and resource usage monitoring. Sensors, data and machine intelligence are changing our perceptions in the making of a city, and its rate of energy consumption while giving rise to state-of-the-art urban centres, which we now tag as ‘smart cities.’ In the era of massive digital expansion, the ultimate goal is to merge city services into a unified platform.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming the Internet of Everything (IoE), we are entering a new world or reality. Urban cities in developing countries like India, China, Saudi Arabia and South Korea need digital progression on urgent basis. Digital networks in these cities will interweave electricity, water, waste and gas systems creating a unified matrix of urban operations and explosive growth in information sharing. With careful planning and foresighted vision urban city dwellers can breathe a sigh of relief.

This book not only identifies the challenges of smart cities, but also explores their design and implementation, which are illustrated by first-hand experiences, making it a unique reading material.

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